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Monday, October 5, 2009

Enable version settings in a SharePoint list

You can enable Version Settings for SharePoint lists so that they track versions of the items they contain. You can specify the number of versions to track and also view prior versions of items in the list. When version tracking is enabled for the list, each time the data in a row changes, Windows SharePoint Services creates a new version of that row.

To enable version tracking, you need the Manage Lists permission on the Windows SharePoint Services server. If you are not able to change the version settings, Check with your SharePoint Site adminstrator about your permisions.

  1. Go to the List and click on Settings
  2. On the Settings menu , click List Settings
  3. Under General Settings, click Versioning settings.
  4. On the List Versioning Settings page, in the Item Version History section, under Create a version each time you edit an item in this list?, click Yes.
  5. To limit the number of versions to retain, select Keep the following number of versions, and then type the number of versions to retain.(If you limits the number of versions that it stores, the oldest versions are permanently deleted when the limit is reached. They are not sent to the Recycle, So need to make sure do you need old versions or not)

Show/Hide "Create Folder" in Lists in SharePoint

This article explains how to Show or Hide New Folder options in lists or documents in SharePoint.

When created a List(Lists can be documents, project task, e.t.c)  in the Sharepoint, by default it will give the option Create Folder under New task under that list. For hiding the Create New Folder option, First, you should be owner to the site and then follow the following steps..
  1. Go to the List
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select List Settings
  4. Click on Advanced Settings, Which is under genaral setting
  5. Check "NO" option for - Display "New Folder" command on the New menu?